Dating in Recovery: How to Get Started

Dating in Recovery: How to Get Started

Plenty of articles talk about sober dating in terms of when it’s OK to start dating again and various do’s and don’ts of dating after rehab. Some pieces even offer a list of apps designed to help those in recovery connect with one another. But aside from apps, how can you get the ball rolling?

Let’s say you’ve already put your recovery first, and you’ve allowed yourself enough time to build a solid recovery foundation, establish ongoing support, and develop the life-long skills to avoid triggers and maintain sobriety. You’re ready to begin a new chapter! But now what? How do you actually put yourself out there and meet someone-or a bunch of someones-in the hopes of eventually establishing a romantic relationship?

Recovery is certainly a personal journey, as is the quest to find someone with which to share your life. However, here are several avenues to help you locate other singles in recovery and/or those who understand and support this unique life experience.

Recovery Communities

While some sober-centric websites and apps only offer online dating-related activities, others function more as online-and perhaps even in-person-communities. Here are a few options.

  • Loosid.While you’ll often see Loosid on dating app lists, it’s far more than that. It’s really a digital platform that celebrates the sober lifestyle, offering a community of like-minded people, some of whom are open to dating. You’ll also find chat groups, “boozeless guides,” daily tips, a sobriety hotline support group, inspirational stories of those in recovery, etc.
  • Meetup. Offering seemingly endless groups related to everything from pottery to poetry, Meetup also offers sober groups. Simply type “sober” into the search field. Results might include sober yoga events, sober hangouts, Dry January support groups, guided meditation for those in recovery, alcohol-free bowling or board-game nights, etc.

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