: Valerie Bertinelli says she’s “happier than ever” after marrying Tom Vitale

: Valerie Bertinelli says she’s “happier than ever” after marrying Tom Vitale

Shortly after the couple tied the knot, Bertinelli described herself as “happier than ever” during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. “I could have spent the rest of my life with Tom and not be married, but I wanted to call him ‘my husband,’ ” she said. “I really wanted to share how I feel about Tom with the people I love.”

: Valerie Bertinelli says it “feels appropriate” to call Tom Vitale her husband

During an appearance on The View shortly after the wedding, Bertinelli revealed her favorite perk of marriage: getting to call Vitale her husband. “I think I got tired of calling him ‘my spousal equivalent,'” the actress said. “It’s nice to call him my husband. It feels appropriate.”

: Valerie Bertinelli describes her bond with Tom Vitale

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Bertinelli discussed her and Vitale’s deep connection and love for each other. “He has unlocked some things in me that I usually like to keep buried,” she mujeres calientes IrlandГ©s said. “He unlocks a lot of the stuff I don’t have to hold on to anymore. I love him. I adore him.”

: Valerie Bertinelli describes her and Tom Vitale’s shared love of food

After losing weight with Jenny Craig and becoming a spokesperson for the brand, Bertinelli published her first cookbook, One Dish at a Time. She spoke to Prevention about how cooking and romance were tied together for her and Vitale. “A lot of love goes into making soup,” she said. “The first time I made gazpacho for him, I thought I was going to be made love to the entire night!”

: Valerie Bertinelli describes life at home with Tom Vitale

The couple opened the doors to their Los Angeles home in 2018 and gave Food Network Magazine an exclusive tour of the space, which they shared with their dog and five cats. Bertinelli revealed that her favorite place in the house was her library, where she would relax with her pets and find inspiration for her cookbooks and cooking show Valerie’s Home Cooking.

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