What to do when the spark has gone?

What to do when the spark has gone?

Improve your communication skills

Studies show that commitment in a relationship may not go as far as communication. Healthily communicating with your partner can help you resolve conflicts, express emotions, and increase intimacy. Try to reevaluate how you and your partner communicate. For example, one of you might prefer in-the-moment conversation, while the other might require time to get your thoughts in order before talking. In some cases, differing attachment styles may make understanding each other’s emotions and reactions difficult.

If you struggle with communication, you might benefit from couples therapy or a couples’ workshop. There may also be a communication course for couples in your area. Try an online search and see what comes up.

Talk to a therapist

Some individuals may believe that pursuing couples therapy means a relationship must end or that there is no hope. However, reaching out for support can be brave and may help you make changes. Studies show that 70% of couples who tried couples therapy found improvements in their relationship up to three years after their first session.

A therapist can help you and your significant other learn new skills to improve your relationship. They can facilitate conversations within a safe and monitored environment if you struggle with communication. These skills may help you re-ignite your spark and feel intimate and close.

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If you and your partner are busy with work, family life, or other responsibilities, you can also try couples therapy online. A meta-analysis of nine studies found that emotionally focused couples therapy resulted in sustained improvements in marital satisfaction. If you feel couples therapy could help you reconnect with your partner, you can try an online platform like BetterHelp for individuals or Regain for couples.

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